Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today's the Day

Today's the day.
I've got my lucky, brand new,* pyjamas on. And while I may need to take them off to drop the kids off, I'll put them straight back on again when I get home.
There will be no tidying today. No washing. No dishes. (Okay. Okay. Maybe one load. One sinkful. One quick run through. But no more than that. Grrr. Get ye from my conscience dirty socks.)
I think (touch wood, cross fingers, walk backwards and hop three times) that I'm going to finish my latest book today.
After a long incubation, a rocky start when I decided I was writing in the wrong genre, scrapped the first 20,000 words and started again - she's finally on the homeward run. I've only got the last three chapters to write. And (thank you uni holidays and childcare!) a complete day to myself. And these chapters are the fun ones. Nell's quest  - searching for the mermaid's tear, the griffin's claw, the phoenix' feather, in order to get the ransom for her imprisoned sisters. And then the defeat of the evil merchant Mazarine - possibly with the use of latent were-wolf abilities. How fun is that?
It is possible that if I find I am procrastinating too much I will be forced (gulp) to go to a cafe to tear my link with the Internet. Sculling coffee and tapping away like a big person in a cafe, without fear of the sugar being thrown across the room or the table upended? Whoohoo. Be still my beating heart.
Today's the day. (Cross fingers, touch wood, walk backwards and hop three times)

*I do realise this means they have not been proven to be lucky, but I'm going to declare them lucky until they have revealed themselves otherwise. And of course, if I don't manage to finish up today, it's all their fault for their dearth of luckiness.

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