Friday, June 22, 2012

Just for the record, Fireman Sam was NOT present.

I recently started trying to explain to the Sprocket how he came into the world.
"So you started of really small inside Mummy's tummy and then you got bigger and bigger and then you didn't fit any more and then you had to come out," I told him.
"Ghee was in Mummy's tummy?" my Sprocket said. It was a concept he obviously approved of.
"That's Right. Sprocket and Poppet grew inside Mummy's tummy, but then you got bigger and bigger and you had to come out."
"Ghee was stuck in Mummy's tummy?"
Well, yeah. He really was. I'll skip that bit. Wait till he's had a few kids of his own before going down that route.*
"Well, sort of."
"Fireman Sam got Ghee out of Mummy's tummy!" my Sprocket proclaimed.
I suppose in Toddler World that makes sense. In My Sprockets Toddler World, when anyone gets stuck, or anything goes wrong, Fireman Sam comes to make it right.
But now I've got an image stuck in my head of Fireman Sam's cartoon presence in the Birth Room among the blood and serious faced Nurses and Doctors. Sigh.
Fireman Sam is coming to get me. Help!

Just for the record, there were a lot of people present when my Sprocket was born, but Fireman Sam was not among them.

*My Beloved and I were having a discussion last night about the Sprocket's birth. He's still convinced I can't remember it. His proof is, that if I did remember it I'd never have gone for a second. His theory is that the hormones wiped all memories from my brain. This is rubbish. I do remember it. I just really really wanted another baby and the chance of a little girl. On the other hand, My Beloved also believes that if I do remember it and still went for another I must be really, really daft. Hmmm. 

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