Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mama Bear

There is snow on the mountains near us and the morning temperatures have dipped to a brisk zero. Walking up to the gym or driving to school in the morning the fog is such that sometimes I can't see 10 feet in front. Winter has come. Loud sing Cuckoo!
Cold toes and the chill leap into the shower are not-so-amazing factors about winter. But... hot chocolate, hearty stews and soups, the welcoming lights of our home wrapped in mist, fluffy socks and winter coats are all things that make me go awww.
And... playing at Mama Bear. Our culture doesn't really do co-sleeping in the main media. But... I do love having my little ones close on cold winter nights.
I love the conversations we have in the dark as we hold hands and discuss the day and what tomorrow might bring. I could wish I didn't have to sing Five Green Speckled Frogs quite so many dozen times, (although let me put this forward as proof that at one time my kids enjoyed my singing. I expect it won't last long!) but having my not-so-little-ones tucked close, safe and perfect and funny and mine is infinitely precious.
I like knowing that all around the world other mums and kids are curled together - it is only the rich that can afford separate bedrooms for kids and adults. Us 1% of people with multi-bedroom houses are not the norm. In yurts in Mongolia and huts in Africa, in high rises in Beijing mothers and children are sharing breath.
I like to imagine my line of maternal ancestors, stretching back into the caves, mama and kidlets all wrapped up in bison fur, listening to the owls hooting and the mammoths trumpeting by. "No, Othook! We do not poop in the cave! The pooping place is 200 metres from the river. If you remember not to Poop in the cave for ten nights then daddy will give you a sabre-tooth tiger tooth!"
Warm and snug in our den, cozily cuddled, I love playing at mama bear with my two little cubs.

*Waking up in the morning, stiff from having a little foot in the small of my back and one arm numb from being lain on, is not so pleasant, but that's another story.


  1. misty mornings are beautiful

  2. Awwww - can they sleep with Nana and Grandpa in August so we can wake up with a numb arm and sore back- that would be soooo cool. I so wish I was there with you all