Monday, June 25, 2012


Did you hear that chattering? That's the sound of my teeth.
I've just been on the phone with the swim instructor, and our Sprocket is going to go up a class to have his lesson by himself - sans parent (O my little baby!) while Poppet still needs one of us in the water with her and will stay in the Infant class.
Which means... we'll be going to the swimming pool twice a week.
Which is nice in theory. But it's freezing. The water is (supposedly) heated and its an indoor pool, but there's a layer of heat on the surface of the water and then you step into c-c-cold. And it's not like we're swimming laps or anything. We're standing around in the shallows being a cheer squad while our wee ones amaze us with their brilliance. And my Poppet's lips turn purple.
The kid's class has been in the evening so My Beloved can come and we both have one kid to keep from drowning, and now we'll have two nights of classes... Which is... great... and exciting. But that dash from the pool, me (trying to run-with-straight-legs-so-I-look-like-I'm-walking) with all our bags and My Beloved with a kid under each arm, to the bliss and wonder of the shower is just... painful.
Recently, when I was staying with my folks in the Big Smoke, my Mum and I took the kids to the pool at Nunawading, which was enchantingly warm, and even heated to a great temperature out of the water.
On the other hand, our local pool here has a family change room, which has a shower with the best pressure and heat ever, and because there's four of us de-thawing under it, we figure we can stay in awhile. This is one of my very favourite times of the week. That wonderful, wonderful barrage of heat, instantly bringing us back to life and happiness! (It is odd how after you have been very uncomfortable, as soon as you reach comfort again the world suddenly gets a pleasant rosy glow and all-is-good)To see the little ones side by side with their little heads bent and their backs to the water is the cutest. Not so cute when they tell us to move over and stop hogging the water, but hey.
So I am excited at Sprocket moving up. I'm excited that we will reliably be going to the pool two nights a week. We really do think teaching the kids to swim and getting into the habit of exercising every week is mega important.
But brrr. I still shiver every time I think about it! 

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  1. Wetsuits would be good for when you're standing about