Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tell my lies, tell me lies, tell me (sweet little) lies

So when is it okay to tell a lie? 
My beloved tells me lies on a regular basis - and it doesn't worry me.  I trust him.  Sounds weird yeah - he tells lies but I'm down with it. Well, yes. I trust him not to do anything to hurt me. I trust him to have my happiness at heart. 
I don't necessarily trust him to tell me the truth 24/7.
My beloved does not trust me to be punctual - which is where most of the lies come in. Most mornings he'll tell me it's half an hour or so later than it really is. This is in order to get me (and the kids) out of the house on time(ish) Oddly, he seems to think I'm a little disorganised and need rushing. 
Weird that. 
He might have a point as we normally get him to uni with minutes to spare. 
I am thinking about this especially today as I was under the delusion we needed to be in the city by 8am tomorrow morning - until I saw the timetable... and saw it actually says... hmmm... 10am... 
A whole TWO hours later. 
But I get where my beloved is coming from - if we aim to be packed for the day and out of the house by 6ish we might actually manage it for 7ish... which, allowing for bad traffic is probably fairly reasonable. 
The Sprocket told his first lie recently - or the first that we noticed. He pooped in the bath and when my beloved came through to help deal with it the Sprocket told him that it was 'bubba' who did it. 
Awww... our little man, growing up. He is becoming a social creature, understanding cause, effect, consequence and um... deflecting the blame. 
We were too busy giggling and saying how clever he was to tell him that actually, it's better to tell the truth. We weren't cross about it, accidents happen, and you need to tell the truth for trust. 
Because hey, much as I love and trust my beloved, when he tells me the time I now narrow my eyes... and check the computer...
I don't like the idea of lies, but sometimes well, they make sense. 
So good- bad - or dependent on circumstances or always a no-no? What do you think?

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