Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy, Happy, Happy!

I was in the kitchen last night and heard my little boy yelling 'Nappy! Nappy! Nappy!' And my heart sank. I mean I was sort of glad about the raised-nappy-awareness thing, but it had been a long and snotty day. 
And my beloved called 'You should come and see this!' 
Now a dirty nappy is something I've seen before, as is one that is falling off and basically, most other permutations of nappyness. 
'Gimme a sec, I'll just finish the dishes.' (Read as - that's your nappy, I am doing An Important Household Chore)
'No, come now!'
So I came through, still holding the dishcloth, and our Sprocket was jumping on the bed and what I had thought was 'Nappy, Nappy, Nappy' was actually 'Happy! Happy! Happy!'
Our little boy was jumping gleefully on the bed, giggling and yelling 'Happy! Happy! Happy!' 
And my beloved and I just stared and grinned. 
Today I'm grateful for two happy children. I'm grateful for a little boy who runs and climbs and is always exploring and adventuring and testing the world, and yells happy happy happy! 
I'm grateful for my little girl who opens her eyes in the morning and smiles at me. Who giggles uproariously when her feet are tickled or you smooch her neck.  Who thinks phones and keys are the most amazing things in the world. 

So thank you Maxabella Loves for her 'Grateful for' Space, encouraging us to reflect on the good and lovely things in our lives, and thank you beautiful host of the week A Day in the Life of Us 

This week I'm grateful for happy children!


  1. oh what a great post ! I think we should all jump on the bed and yell 'happy, happy, happy' just cos !
    Enjoy the weekend :)

  2. nawwww. I have one of those boys and one of those girls too! happy happy happy indeed.

  3. Happy, Happy, Happy! How gorgeous. Oh to be like children again, to not have a care in the world and where jumping on the bed is THE best thing there is.

  4. Oh Kirsty, that is SO cute! Adorable even. I love stories that have something a little unexpected.

    Makes parenting all worth it.


  5. Lovely that one of a toddler's early words is 'happy'