Monday, September 5, 2011

Share, mummy!... Toilet Training looms...

So I'm getting ready for bed last night and I'm heading for the toilet and the Sprocket races in in front of me. 
'No, mummy! Mummy no goes pee-pee. Ghee goes pee-pee!'
'Um, but honey -' I begin. 
'Share mummy!' he tells me firmly. 
Of course.  
So I shift my weight from foot to foot as I take him out of his sleep jumpsuit and enthrone him on his little seat on the toilet. And he sits and makes proud and cheeky faces at my beloved and I as we stand around and cheer and tell him how very proud we are of him using the toilet like a big person. 
We can't tell if he does anything or not and I don't tell my beloved about the bit where the Sprocket uses the tissue to wipe his nose after he's made a cursory swipe in a general down below direction (it's definitely not wet.) 
But it looks like toilet training is now on the agenda. 
I was hoping to wait until Summer, until Uni finishes for the year, basically until some date that isn't now. 
But it looks like that distant date far far in the future is well, here. 
Wish us luck!


  1. Great that he's decided himself it's time!

  2. Good luck!! The fact that he has decided for himself probably means it will not be such a long a drawn our process!