Monday, September 5, 2011

First Steps... The Poppet is now a toddler...

"Okay little girl, walk to daddy? You going to walk to daddy?" 

The Poppet stands holding to my knee and looks at my beloved inquisitively. 

"Walk to daddy?"

And then she launches. 

One, two, three, four little steps and she's holding my beloved's outstretched hands. 

Oh my little girl - the last vestiges of babyhood are being left behind as you make your first small steps. You look so grown up in your little jeans and tiny shoes and white knit cardie (courtesy of the lovely ladies at the Sunday Market) and the light gleams on your curls and you smile at us in glee and triumph...

Of course, you'll always be my baby, but... you're a toddler now! 


  1. Oh, she's so clever and wonderful!!

  2. We think so! Such a clever Poppet! Of course... she doesn't seem to want to do it again but I'm sure she will soon!

  3. My little girl just took her first steps yesterday as well!! It is so sad to see them leaving behind the 'babyhood' that we all enjoy.