Sunday, September 4, 2011

Miracle of Words

The Sprocket and the Poppet are both reminding me of what a great treasure this gift of language is. 

The Sprocket is making us giggle nearly hourly as he copies our sayings and ways. 

I was doing something that displeased him recently (possibly changing his nappy) and he told me "Not happy, mummy," in just the tone I use. 

My Beloved got a new computer for his birthday and the Sprocket told us "Not daddy's Computer, Ghee's Computer. Share Daddy!" 

He sang his first song recently at my beloveds birthday 'Happy birthday to daddy,' which we all thought was a pretty special present.

The Poppet is making pretend phone calls saying 'hi-ya', and calling for mummy and daddy and nana. Her manners are a delight as she always remembers to say ta although we are working on snatching. She is practicing with babbling and is a beautiful singer (in a wailing kitten kind of way). 

It is incredibly exciting to be at the very beginning of language, of organised thought and memory. 

While my Beloved has told me that the main thing that sets us humans aside from the other animals is our arched feet (at least I think that is it) I have so far not come across a cannon of Chimpanzee literature so I am fairly chuffed with our language skills.   

It's an honour and a fascination to be here now at the beginning of my Sprocket and my Poppet's journey into words, to shape it, to share it and to just watch and listen in awe.  

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