Thursday, July 21, 2011


My Sprocket, in his own time, has discovered the wonder of ‘again’, or in his case ‘more.’
I suppose it's only fair as I've been reliably informed that I forced loving parents and aunties to go through Bambi again and again and yep, again. 
We're now going through ‘How do Dinosaurs Eat their Food’ again and again and yep, again.
In songs the Sprocket is declaring ‘No more star!’ (Twinkle Twinkle little star) and ‘No more ducks!’ (Five little ducks) instead he wants more and more of 'Ging Gang Gooli' and 'What Shall we Do with the Drunken Sailor.'
Repetition is good for toddlers. The more they read a book the more things they pick up and observe. It is supposed to help them build vocabulary. I am assuming hearing the same songs repeatedly works in the same way.
I'm just a little unsure of how hearing 'Ging Gang Gooli' for solid hours at a time (I am starting to alternate whispering and shouting verses just to entertain myself) can help his vocabulary when… there are no proper words. I am hoping it helps his musical ability. They are definitely distinctive songs.
I'm just waiting until he tells someone ‘More Drunk!’ ('What shall we Do with the Drunken Sailor')

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