Friday, July 22, 2011

Me and Bobby McGhee (Bobby needs Milk)

So I offload the kids on my husband and tell them to go to the park.
They come back a short time later and the Sprocket is drenched through. It appears he found a large puddle and decided to go for a swim.
"Cold Daddy. Help!" Were the words used I am told. So my husband helped him out.
And of course he jumped right back in again.
So the kids return with the Sprocket soaked through and I take them under my wing and hustle them into the bath, emptying the water from the Sprocket's shoes, and the Sprocket starts playing. And he picks up his Builder Bob toy and he holds him to his little naked chest and he says "Milk for Bobby."
And I swallow and try not to giggle. "It's lovely to see you looking after Bob so well, darling."
"Ghee Milk for Bobby." Ghee is what the Sprocket calls himself. It is nothing like his real name and we do not know where he found it, but it is the way he always refers to himself.
My little Sprocket is starting to pretend. Starting to care. Starting to share. Starting to model himself on us.

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