Thursday, July 7, 2011

Five years

Five years. That’s how long it is since my husband and I met and shortly afterwards started going out. That’s not too long ago. It's not a historic time period, but when I think of all that’s happened in those five years...
We’ve crammed in a lot. Anyway, five years ago today my husband and I were volunteers in the Solomon Islands and he was plying me with red wine in an effort to induce me to go out with him.
Obviously successful.
I’m having sudden flashbacks as we’ve just had a lovely weekend with friends who were volunteers with us in the Solomon Islands.
Bizarre and lovely and full of deep sighs thinking back to that time now.
First times.
First time I met my husband.(Inauspicious)
First time we went out together.(Inauspicious)
First time we moved in together. (He started sleeping on the couch where I was staying – I suspect it still has the massive dip)
First time we were evacuated together.
First time we got gastro together
First time we were in lock-down together.
Although it’s hard to imagine a pre-Sprocket and Poppet existence I do remember dancing till the early morning to Siseva and Litle Raskals and… and swimming through underwater landscapes, buying great armfuls of flowers at the market, crawling through the hole in the fence to get to work as the only person with the key to the gate hadn’t turned up… swimming in a green and silver sea as the rain fell and frangipani floated around us…

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