Friday, October 2, 2020

Beloved, Best-Behaved Child

Gentle, responsible, always ready for a walk or a swim in the dam, Wolfie is, by far, my best behaved child. (We'll leave the lizard out of this equation - it's a different relationship with a reptile!) Wolfie's never met a dog he didn't like (although he's finally realised not all dogs will like him) and has only growled at a human once - when a stranger picked up my youngest girl. The stranger only meant to move my girl further from the streams edge - but he wasn't having it. 

While in human years Wolfie isn't old (he's grown up with my youngest girls, seeing them as his prime duty,) he's already middle aged. Like me, his joints are a bit achey, he's put on a bit of weight, he's not a fan of hot weather, and he lumbers a little, but he still swims into sea, dam and river after the kids and loves it when his pack is all together. 

My Wild-Boy has recently become dog obsessed and has realised what a treasure we have in Wolfie. My Wild-Boy is walking Wolfie every day and it is such a ray of hope seeing my Wild-boy outside again, where he should be, after too long inside. 

There isn't a day goes by that I'm not grateful for his sweet nature and loving ways. Happiness is a joyful dog!  


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  1. Yes, Wolfie is the most beautiful, lovable dog. Great that he's so loving to the kids