Friday, September 18, 2020

from a distance


Recently, I have been slightly (or not so slightly) obsessed with the macro, with the small, hidden things found underground in wet and hidden places. 

However, there is a beauty in the views around us, when I lift my gaze from the details of spiders webs, dew drops, grass seeds caught in morning light. There is beauty in the rounded hills surrounding us, the bronze-gold grass and silvered trunks of gums. 

We hope and pray rain will come soon, and the golds and browns will soften into lusher greens, I hope these are the 'before' pictures. Even floods would be welcome to fill the dams and make the streams and rivers run freely again. 

However, there is beauty in the shades of gold and bronze, copper and bleached silver, and there are still pools to be found along dried out streams. In the morning as the mist veils the pools the sight makes me catch my breath.  

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