Wednesday, October 28, 2020



The rains came this week, pelting down, turning the sky into a theatre of lightning and thunder. Until now, although nominally spring, all around us has been dry and parched. Within days of the first fall lush green has appeared, and I am no longer looking the few small spots of gentle restful colour. 

While waiting for the rain, I found a tangle of green, wild and exuberant and unplanned, probably mostly unwanted, along the banks of the dam. 

The vigorous life, intermingled with the dead plants, intrigued me, and I loved how entangled and entwined the plants were, how interesting the shapes and how soothing the muting tones of the vigorous and outreaching weeds were, as darkness fell, 

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  1. Is the dam rising now to cover the weeds, with all the rain?