Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Sunlit Profusion

Summer is on the way - the days are heating up. We are starting to visit the nearby dam for water play - which will become increasingly necessary as the sun begins to bake us. While the land is still dry - a mockery of the green, blossom-scent laden springs of my childhood down south -  the dam at only 12% capacity, the kids still love playing. They swim out to a small islet with (or without a kayak), racing and splashing and enjoying the space, or swim across a deeper expanse of a clay-cliffed inlet. Earlier in the year the presence of blue green algae stopped us from visiting - now the levels are safe to swim being by an expanse of water is always rejuvenating. 

We watch the sun set and the moon rise, and map out the position of the planets. The breeze is balmy, scented with the light, sweet, hay scent of the multitude of different grasses. 

My Beloved attempts to catch fish. I am more successful in capturing the fading light. I love the softened light on the water, the golden glow, and the way the setting sun illuminates all the burnished stalks and seeds. 

There are micro worlds in each small patch - spiders webs, an abundance of seeds, the beginning of new life, beetles, ants. The time it takes to focus the camera encourages me to see the small details - the luxuriant tangle of the ordinary. 

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