Monday, November 23, 2015

water fight!

The weather is stinking hot at the moment.The kind of weather when your bra catches enough sweat to swim in and sleeping with more than a sheet is impossible. The kind of weather when your legs stick together and movement is slow and resentful. The kind of weather when you wander through the house searching for a draft of wind that just isn't happening and you get drinks out of the fridge just to hold them at the back of your neck.
Yeah, I'm not a hot weather kind of girl.
I don't count the weather 'good' unless it's cool enough that you might conceivably wear a pair of socks. This kind of weather, the kind I don't even want to put on undies in, because they'll just add more heat - is not my cup of (iced) tea.
I go on Facebook and look at all the bleeping lucky people with snow and gulp back tears.
And yes, this would be coming up to my sixth year in the tropics and sub tropics. Go figure.
We can't go to the beach after school as easily at the moment (well, we can, but it's problematic because of the sand-in-cast-issue) and the swimming pool is out as a family event because of the same reason - the Extravaganza's broken leg, so today we did the next best thing.
We wrapped the Extravaganza's leg up in plastic bags and got a 200 pack of water balloons.
They are my new best friend.
No house should be without them.
They deserve medals.
Cool and fun and running in the sun (getting the Extravaganza her bone-healing vitamin d when it's so unpleasant out is not fun.)

Water fight, I love you.

(Although taking photos of a water-fight is a tad dangerous for ones camera. I waited till the heat of the battle was over, but there were still some close calls...!)

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