Thursday, July 23, 2015

Between the Woods and Sea (Walk with a White Wolf)

As a child one of my favourite fairytales was called The White Wolf  (I think it was in either the Red or Orange Fairy Book by Lang), and now, with our own white wolf I love how romantic he looks. (I try to forget the way he drinks from the toilet bowl and steals any cheese or butter I'm foolish enough to leave on the bench-top.)

With the older kids at school and kindy, my Beloved and I took the two little ones on a favourite walk along the mangroves by the shore. Wolfie loved the freedom to run along the dog beach - he found a friendly Border Collie to play with - and Giggle-bear loved playing with the sticks and seeds she found.

I loved the liminality of it, the way it seemed like a place apart from everywhere else. It seemed so wild and so close to something magic. Walking it with my toddler who sees the world with new eyes and believes everything is interesting, and with Wolfie, who sniffs a world of scent and takes such delight in stretching his legs, made it seem like stepping within a fairytale.


  1. Yes, very fairytale. That photo of Lily with her stick, setting out on her pilgrimage with Wolfie is fantastic (literally)

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