Sunday, June 14, 2015


Adventure Boy - looking so grown up. His grommets seem to have gone in well so we're hoping he finds listening (to us and his teacher) a little easier next semester. I had a cold recently and one ear went bung just for a day and it was like being under water, voices sounded so distant and distorted, it was hard realising that that's what it's been like for him, all the time.

Giggle-Bear and Wolfie - my babies asleep in the middle of a busy day. Wolfie is now nearly eighteen weeks old and massive. He spends most of the day with Giggle-Bear and they really are good friends.  Unfortunately, they each prefer each others food. Giggle-bear is now a little walking girl and so proud of herself. She has to stop every so often to give herself claps. She continues to climb everything in sight.

The Extravaganza - up in the fort in the garden, clad in palings from our old fence. We hoped to make it nearly entirely from the old fence, but a lot of the wood was too old.  It's nearly finished now, and is one of the last of the moving-in-things we're doing to the house. It feels so good knowing that next weekend is just for us and that there are no 'house stuff's' to do! Although it has been fun playing with the power tools! The Extravaganza is nearly five but it seems like she's nearly fifteen. "You're not the boss of everything you know, mummy!" "My bedroom, my rules!" "Why should I have to clean my mess? I make the mess, you clean the mess!" Her sentences are sprinkled with "O how fabulous!" That will be divine!" Her enthusiasms are enchanting, the temper tantrums less so.

Joining with Jodi for a portrait of my little ones every most weeks in 2015.