Monday, May 25, 2015


Giggle-Bear - my brave adventurer. She's still not walking, but man, does she love climbing. She's just managed to get up into the rocking chair and has been practicing 'surfing' on it. She thinks this is hilarious - especially if she's standing up. She also loves scrambling from one chair to the other. Halving already had one climber (and he started later) my heart has sunk... But it is very cute.

The Extravaganza - A friend came up from Victoria and we went on a ferry up at Caloundra, going along the passage between Bribie Island and the mainland. The Extravaganza loved it.

Adventure-Boy - still for a moment while he has some pancakes for breakfast. He's wearing an old jumper of mine as the mornings have been getting chilly. (She says mounrfully. I still miss Victorian seasons. There has been no Autumn here and when I say 'chilly' it is still not cold enough to wear socks during the day.)

Joining with Jodi for a portrait of my little ones once a week, (nearly) every week in 2015.

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  1. Beautiful photos. Love how you captured such true expressions on the faces of your children.