Sunday, May 17, 2015


Adventure Boy - green remnants of Crazy Hair Day at school, black remnants of his batman mask from face-painting - sand courtesy of the beach at Southbank. Not actually camouflage (intentionally!) but getting close. Concentrating on his sandcastle. He has, obviously, already jumped in the water.

The Extravaganza, tenderly constructing her sandcastle, gathering up treasures people have left behind for its adornment.

Giggle-Bear - playing with her sister's hat. Momentarily pausing in her study on the properties of sand.

Joining with Jodi for a portrait of my little ones most weeks in 2015. (I'll try to catch up on last week soon!) We are still busy unpacking and tinkering with our new house and training our unruly pup. I have no idea where the days are going. 


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