Saturday, April 4, 2015


Adventure boy - searching for Easter eggs with his 'easter helper'. I knew the kids would get heaps of chocolate from other people so 'the Easter bunny' just hid some small fair-trade Oxfam eggs and they each got a little 'easter helper' (little crocheted rabbits, also from Oxfam) to help them search.
I always feel so sorry for boys not getting pretty stuff to wear - so when I found this gorgeous shirt - floral! with pink! - I had to get it for Adventure Boy. He really only distinguishes between super-her and non-super-hero though, so possibly I'm wasting my pity.

Giggle-Bear. Out on a 'date-lunch' with Beloved and I.  The big-kids were out with their grandparents and it was so nice having couple-time to enjoy her. I worked out recently that Beloved changed more of Adventure Boy's nappies in his first week than Giggle Bear's in her entire eleven months! He misses out big-time on baby-time. It felt all newly-wed like to have just the three of us.

And… Giggle-Bear took her first step. (Pause while I wipe away tears - o my baby.) It sounds better to say she took her first step towards me on Easter Sunday… but she was really reaching for the chocolate I was holding.

The Extravaganza - searching in the garden for her eggs with her 'helper'. I like looking at her in her Sunday dress as she just ran past in nothing but undies (her brother's) and covered in mud.

And - my fur-baby. Wulfie. (The kids' choice won out over my suggestions) Nine weeks old and he's setting in so well and is so completely adorable it's not funny.

Joining with Jodi for a portrait of my little ones (furred of otherwise) once a week, every week, in 2015.

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