Sunday, April 12, 2015

Snakely Beauty

"Mummy, mummy, there's a beautiful green tree snake in the tree!" My Adventure Boy told me and so it was and here it is. The way it moved was magical - smooth, sinuous, entrancing. Although not a poisonous type I was still glad it was not particularly close to us.
My Adventure Boy tried to attract friends by yelling loudly of it's presence to other kids in the playground - in Victoria, where we recently moved from, snakes are A Big Deal - if there's a report of a snake the whole school is evacuated. In Queensland, not so much.
Myself, I am still frowning over how very vinelike the snake looks. As soon as it stopped moving it was indistinguishable from the vines it was twining itself around. Hmm.
I spent the afternoon stopping to peer intently at all the many, many hanging vines of the surrounding forest.

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  1. Snakes are a massive deal in my part of the world too! I can't believe how vine-like that snake looks, no wonder you were peering intently upwards a lot! I'm loving the posts of your new life, you all look so happy x