Saturday, January 31, 2015

5/52 - finding our feet

- Sprocket, heading into the mangrove swamp.
- Poppet, running on the beach at twilight. She seems to be all legs nowadays. Clothes in her size are too short and I have to go up a year or two.
- Littlest, so happy to be sandy, she crawls into the water without fear - "Da-da-da-da!" after her daddy. Here's too gorgeous pudgy, sandy, baby toes.

We're slowly finding our feet, starting a new school, new kindy, new activities. Working out where everything is, how to fit everything around the shifts and stresses of my beloved's new work as a freshly minted doctor - starting out in the emergency department.

We're all a little unsettled, but each day we find our feet a little bit more, and it's hard not to with lovely beaches so close!

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