Saturday, January 3, 2015


My Sprocket - my knight, up a beautiful twisted old tree in Thorndon Country Park, Essex, England. We were visiting my Great Aunt and although by the time we reached there the accumulated travels had caught up with the wee ones and they were unwilling to explore far, the tree was irresistible.

My Poppet - my Princess, holding out her hand to her royal subject, Beloved. (Or as I like to think, reaching out to the New Year. It was New Years Day. She is wearing a dress her Nana got her at the Tower of London which she was completely unwilling to cover up for so minor a thing as mid-winter.

And totally not matching, and even in a different country - Littlest, my kitten. On a boat on a canal in Amsterdam. Amsterdam has exceeded all my expectations. Its links to its merchant past are so close, so tangible it is enchanting. The canals and narrow streets and beautiful merchant buildings are so fascinating and bring a world searching for spice routes to life so vividly...

The first portraits of my little ones for the New Year - joining with Jodi for a portrait a week, every week in 2015.