Saturday, March 1, 2014


-Sprocket giving Poppet  a boost up to the water fountain. She wanted to try water from each of the four fountains so he boosted her up to each. I love how beautifully they (sometimes) play.
-Sprocket and Poppet holding hands when their play-date arrived at the park. Seventeen-month old babies are a bit daunting at first!
-A frog at the Melbourne Museum. The kids had the most amazing time and us adults enjoyed it as well. The forest in the middle, with the bowerbirds, lizards, turtles, fish and crayfish was a massive hit… but so was everything else!
-Poppet going through one of the archways at the William Rickett's Sanctuary out in the hills. A beautifully green and shady place although the sculptures en masse were a little… unsettling. Details were stunning, however.
-A handful of possums. Sculptures at the William Rickett Sanctuary.
- At the Olinda Rhododendron Gardens. Poppet admiring a photo of the gardens in Spring. They were still beautiful when we went, but their main attraction was hydrangeas rather than rhododendrons. I was drooling over the hydrangeas though. A beautiful expanse of space full of stunning plants. However, steep, very steep. I'm still recovering!
-Hydrangeas at the rhododendron gardens.
-Poppet and her cousin at my birthday and Littlest's 'hey you're nearly here' party last weekend.
-With my little ones at my party.
-With my Poppet at the Dolphin Fountain at the Fitzroy Gardens, where we had a picnic party.

The mine near our house is still on fire so we're still staying with my parents in Melbourne. While it is lovely being with family and exploring the parks and museums of Melbourne, it is unsettling not knowing when we'll be able to go home.
It sounds like the firefighters are doing an amazing job on the blaze, so I do hope we'll be able to return in a couple of weeks… The thought of cleaning up all the ash and smoke that has invaded our house does not fill me with joy. But I will try to think of it as extra-nesting cleaning for Littlest, just wearing a face mask.

Joining with the lovely Em of The Beetle Shack for moments from our week. 


  1. Gorgeous photos as always! Jean

  2. wow those trips out look amazing and that shot of little hands holding each other so lovely! kirsty you are getting close exciting! so sorry about the fire and the cleaning though! xxx

    1. I love being able to say I'm due next month - although it's still eight weeks! We're back in our own - very ash-laden house... and I was right... I'm not enjoying the cleaning! Och, well, the house probably (definitely!) needed a deep clean!

  3. What lovely pictures you have there! Am loving the one of Poppet in the archway. Her dress is a stunner too :) I hope your home is OK and that you can go back safely soon.

    Sophie xo

    1. William Rickett's sanctuary is such a lovely green and shady place with so many special places like the arch way... I love the dress too, although it's just target via an op-shop! We're back in our home now and just leaving for a few hours when the smoke blows our way.

  4. It's been on the news here in Brisbane. It can't be good and I don't envy you with that cleaning. A few years ago when we had that major red dust come over from the centre of Australia it was everywhere. Health wise it would be quite a worry. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. I was wondering how much coverage it's been getting interstate. It seems they're hoping to have it under-control by Monday so touch-wood! It does feel strange wearing gas masks, and driving the kids to school and creche.. and seeing everyone else wearing them too!