Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Here (Self Portrait)

I arise before first light to take photos of the sunrise over K'gari and the Sandy Straits. 

Before the sun appears, the ground is sharply cold underfoot. There is little sand, but rocks, oyster shells, gravel. Within the water sludge-silt lines the bottom. The clarity of the water is disrupted by my careful footprints and brown rises in clouds. 

I am a newcomer to the area, still feel a newcomer to the state. Despite having birthed two kids here, married a Queenslander, lived here for getting on to ten years I still refer to 'you Queenslanders' and blink in astonishment at various things. 

But here. On the shore. Here, wading in sea, tottering over rocks with my non-balance, questing for falls of light. I belong. 

Happiness is the sea. 



  1. Heh, I can relate, having grown up in S.A., but living in Vic for almost 25 years now- I still say "you Victorians!" when people pronounce things oddly, or call foods by strange names. :-)