Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Frost (And a Southerner's ruthless lament)

Summer is speeding its sweat-soaked, heat-stroked sticky way towards us, but not so many days ago, as I walked the dogs in the early morning (at a decent hour in the winter - none of that ridiculous 4.15am sunrise stuff*) frost hung on each blade of grass, each spiders web, each wayside flower. 

And it was heartbreakingly beautiful. 

And the air felt perfect at a brisk, invigorating 0c. The dogs were patient as I exclaimed over each frost caught frond and strand, although all to quickly the sun strengthened and the frost melted, leaving dew in its place. 

*There is talk Queensland may embrace daylight savings. Yes! A thousand times Yes! I understand that it's not so great for those really out West, or up North, but in this I'm willing to be ruthless. Yes, I am one of those weak southerners clinging as close as affordable to the coast. Up from Mackay can be ceeded to the Northern Territory and west of Chinchilla can be handed over to South Australia. 

I've noticed the Northern Territory and South Australia have the distinction of being at the half hour when it comes to time - as in, when its 12am in Sydney its 12.30am in Adelaide. I did not know this until recently.

 Anyway, being used to such time oddities I'm sure the locals of the respective states can guide the ex-Queenslanders through any hiccups and the rest of us in the densely populated South East corner can enjoy having sunrise at a decent time, and schools and work starting shortly after sunrise when the day is yet to truly broil up. 

Yes. I am panicking at the approach of Summer. 

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