Monday, May 31, 2021

Blood Moon

Last months blood moon - I'm indulging myself with seven very similar shots as we were outside in the cold for ages. 

The moon was very moonlike. 

Our first few hundred shots were quite blurry as we didn't have the telescope mechanics working, and then the next few dozen shots were blurry as we forgot to let go of the shutter button. Luckily, before the moon reverted to it's normal shade, we'd worked out the logistics. 

I love looking at the crevasses and seas of the moon, witness to all it's space trauma. It makes me grateful to our oceans for blunting and hiding some of earths celestial wounds. 

All the kids come out to briefly look - but only the littlest ones stayed out with us for most of the eclipse. To be honest, they were more interested in their were-wolf howls than the moon, and in concocting stories about baby were-wolves only being born when were-wolf queens (them) howl at the blood moon, but they occasionally glanced up. The next day I showed them youtube to explain it all and illuminate the earth and moons rotations and revolutions. 


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