Saturday, June 2, 2018


Sunset beside the sea is, almost by definition, a beautiful time. Aspects of air, water and fire combat in reflections of the setting sun across the sea and time hangs in cusp between day and night.

And then there are special days when the sunset is jaw droopingly spectacular and you don't want to look away as the sun and sea dance through their goodbye. Except of course kids are trying to drown themselves/each other, hook themselves on fishing rods and break their arms on flying foxes, handily situated close to shore.

We're seeing a lot of amazing sunsets-by-sea recently with my Wild-Boy's fishing fixation and I'm deeply grateful for the sunsets and all the wildlife that we see - rays and moray eels, dolphins and turtles have all made an appearance. As we head seawards as soon as my Beloved gets home from work and return as the kids are falling asleep a lot of stuff gets left undone and a lot of less than optimal stuff gets eaten, but I figure swings and roundabouts - we're building memories.

My magic-girl. Sea-fairy-Princess-Mermaid-Wizard.  I, of course am the ogre or the baby-eating giant in her complicated stories we need to act out.

 While her brother fishes she unpacks her treasures.

 Primed for attack.

I am always astonished anew at how beautiful Pumicestone Passage is in a slightly different light from a slightly different vantage. On that still eve, with that sheet of pink sheened silvered silk, it took a fairytale aspect.

Dance there upon the Shore... yes I've the type of mind that goes immediately to Yeats.

 And of course you need to show your unicorn the sunset.

When I've a bit more time and a few more photo shop skills I'll work at how to remove things like accidental boats sprouting from my baby's head. However, for now, I couldn't resist including this one for my Wonder-Girl's grin.

 My Wild-Boy fishing.
My Beloved. Also. Fishing, with the lights of the Bribie Island Bridge just coming out. 

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