Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Through the Trees

While the sea in all her moods will always have my heart, there's a lot to be said for shade in the heat of the day. A sandy path through mangroves - a habitat I've only recently become acquainted with, with many fallen trees to sit upon, coming across the odd branch-house, an interesting beatle - is a pleasant way to wander. 


 My Diva makes a belt out of a shell and a twisty-turny stick. At present her ambition is to be a fashion designer and move to New York. I'm sure we'll go through many changes, but I love seeing how her imagination works.

 There's something so mysterious about the mangroves - we're too far south for crocodiles - but the look like they should be here. I do think it would be a great setting for a mystery - with or without vampires, in the present or the past. It keeps tugging at me.

 My Wonder-Girl with her little vampire teeth from a fall when she was just learning to climb. She does have a Transylvanian great grandmother. No truly, she does!

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