Thursday, May 10, 2018

Along the Shore (and an exultation about present weather and whine about past weather!)

We started early(ish) took the dog, and walked along the shore to the river mouth. The tide was far out, but even the crabs are wusses in Queensland (with my husband and two kids being Queenslanders I'm calling it - the slightest pleasant briskness and they're moaning and whining) and it was too brisk and breezy for the usual legions of soldier crabs.
The light had a pleasant silver cast and the breeze was divine.
The cool(er) season approaches. O bliss. O yay. O thank God.
The kids are wrapping themselves in blankets to totter out of bed in the morning. This worries me for my plans to move somewhere with proper seasons - pronto. It will be sad to have to leave them behind. I may have to wait till they head off to uni. Hmm. How many (hot, hot) months away is that?
At present however, the weather is wonderful. I might even be able to wear a cardigan tomorrow! And a robe and ugg boots tonight.
I am even... wait for it... hoping to wear socks tomorrow. The world has few greater pleasures than socks after a looooong, hot, stinking, sweating, mouldering summer!

 There is a reason I am a touch anxious about the teen years. Of course, the older two think they're already in them!

Obviously she is a princess, taking one last glance back at her beloved kingdom... The landscape, particularly when there's a stretch of dead and silvered trunks piercing the sand, has a desolate, romantic quality reminiscent of fairytales of lost kindgdoms.

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