Sunday, July 20, 2014

mid-winter moments

- dukes up. Littlest at nearly three months. It's cold here and we're bundling her up. At night her little hands get so cold unless we have them well covered.
-big grin (How about some milk, see, I'm so cute. About that milk?)
-tiny toes.
- my granny. my little ones' great granny.
-jonquils, nearly blooming. we've past winters midway point. spring is on the way.
-calla lilies. furled and nearly furling, in my grandmother's garden.

Joining with The Beetle Shack for moments from our week.

The last weeks have been hectic, with school holidays and this and that. I have my camera back from the camera peoples though. (My mum, who had it fixed for us, was given a long talk about not getting sand in it and what was that on the lens? sunscreen? I will try hard to be more careful. I am re-remembering how to use it…) Oddly, it is harder to find time for photos with three rather than two, particularly in school holidays!