Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Cake for Littlest

It was Littlest's Christening last weekend, so as well as travelling to the shore on the far side of the state, I dug into the depths of my email and found the recipe of the cake we've used for all the kids' Christening - one a friend gave me that her grandmother used. We vary it a little, as my father-in-law is coeliac so I make it with gluten free flower, and this time I put in glace cherries instead of currents.

As this is the third Christening, my Beloved and I have the routine down. I make the cake the day before - delighting in the smell of hot spice and dried fruit, cooking sugar and butter all bubbling in the saucepan, calling the kids over to see the fizz as the bi-carb hits. Pottering around, enjoying the view of the sea through the kitchen window and everyone talking around me.

My Beloved rolls out the icing the morning of the Christening - usually with an empty wine bottle from the night before - we tend to take advantage of the open fire to enjoy some red wine with the gathered family. Once the icing is rolled out and I've soothed my Beloveds rumblings about imperfections in it, I decorate it.

The Christening cake, all ready to decorate.

Beginning the decorating process. We had the nest on our wedding cake and have used it with every Christening cake - with added birds. We're up to five little birds on the cake now. Luckily I found a hoard of fifteen little birds at an op-shop near mum and dad's recently and pounced on them. The kids chose which birds they wanted to represent them - well, apart from Littlest!

Poppet, all bedhead in the early morning, heading into the garden to help me find flowers for the cake.

Rosemary was the first selection, followed by lavender, and then Australian natives.

The final cake, ready to take to the church for morning tea.

Do you have favourite recipes you always use for special occasions? A family wedding or Christening cake or Christmas pudding? 

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  1. I just love what you do with the nest and birdies ... gorgeous.