Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekly Stills

-Sprocket and Poppet, checking out the rock pools.
-Sprocket, searching for crabs.
-Bare feet enjoying salt water and rock.
-Poppet running to the sea.
-The kids along the shore. I love Sprocket's curled toes as he checks the temperature.
-Sprocket and Poppet, blissful in the mud.
-Voila! My first ever crochet. I made the long and lovely journey into the city by train this week and a wonderful schoolfriend taught me (or at least valiantly attempted) how to crochet. I always feel bad I haven't made the kids a single solitary scarf. I started on a baby blanket when I was pregnant with the Sprocket - and it's still sitting, half finished, in a drawer in my parents house. But no more. I am determined to get crafty! I'm not aiming high, I doubt I'll ever be up to booties or bonnets, but surely a scarf or blanket can't be too hard. Can it?
-This gorgeous baby (eleven months old, I'm not sure where the time went!) was an inspiration and great help while I was learning to crochet. She was also suitably impressed with my rather gorgeous yarn.

Joining with the wonderful Em of The Beetle Shack for weekly stills, moments from our week. 


  1. oh that mud looks like fun! to be a kid again!

    Have a lovely week,


  2. Time at the beach - perfect!
    Have a beautiful week.

  3. the magic of children at the discovery of nature on a beach is so candid in your shots

  4. oh yey, bare feet and bare limbs minus winter woolies and four hundred layers of clothing. Welcome Spring!!! lovely photos of your tribe Kirsty. have a great week lovely.

  5. I just love these. I just can't get enough of wandering along the beach, I find it such a great way to centre our family. The warmer weather certainly helps now though!

  6. just popped over from all in a daze, great photos, nothing like sand squished between the toes lisa