Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekly Stills

-Blossom from the garden. I think this is ornamental plum, but I'm not sure. It's my favourite of the blossom trees in my garden.
-Our trampoline is under our big wattle tree - my Poppet loves scooping up the fallen blossom and throwing it up.
-Wattle blossom, shadows and little hands on the trampoline.
-My Poppet is just discovering the wonder of clothes. Unfortunately, the clothes she likes best are mine. At present she doesn't want to take off a little black silk cami I picked up at an op-shop last week. (You can see it peeking out from under her dress as a kind of petticoat. She wears it as a (very oversized) nighty and has to be (strongly) dissuaded each day from wearing it as a dress. I was looking forward to sharing clothes with her eventually - I just didn't know it would start this young!
-My Sprocket - climbing a tree trunk out over the lake.
-Crab City. We went to the beach for father's day, and the first day of spring, and because the weather was a balmy 25 degrees. This stretch was our playground for the day. This was where we found 'Crabby' last time, and this was where Sprocket made a bee-line for. (Forget the lovely stretch of white sand to the side!)
-My Poppet, exploring the rock-pools. As it has been so cold recently I foolishly didn't pack bathers. Poppet lay tummy down in rock-pools in her dress instead and lolled happily in the sun warmed water.
-Sprocket with one of the many crabs we found. This one was not Crabby, but only Crabby's friend. When it tired of being carried around it gave my Sprocket a nip, which, he assures me, Crabby would never do. Poppet also got a little nip, but the crab in question was only the size of my pinky fingertip, so she was more surprised than anything. (You might note that Sprocket's top is also covered in crabs, we are considering it our good-luck-in-finding-crabs-top and are looking forward to taking it on many more crab-hunting expeditions over the summer!)

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