Friday, November 26, 2010

Nostalgia Gone Wrong?

This morning my husband was looking through music clips on Youtube to play to the Sprocket while we waited for the caffeine to hit so we could stumble into the day.
- Hey - find Dragonstea, I said.
Let me note that this song has considerable meaning to my husband and I. 
In the long ago time when we were first getting to know each other we used to dance to this song in humid night clubs in the Solomon Islands.
We googled the song and the title turned out to mean "Under the Linden" tree in Romanian. 
My beloved's much-loved grandmother is Romanian so we went Ooooh. The rest of the lyrics didn't make a lot of sense, but we figured that was a translation flaw. 
When it came time to chose a wedding 'waltz', this is the song we chose, (although I can't say it much resembles a waltz, or that our dancing in any way resembled waltzing!) and it was one of the songs that I had on my playlist when both our kids were born. It was one of the 'fast' songs that I used to get me up and moving during contractions.
Anyway, being the obedient husband that he is, my beloved found the song and we played it.
The 'eurodance' in the credits should have given us the first hint that perhaps it wasn't what we thought it was.
We were expecting a fairly 'sweet' clip.
Um. No.
Think Camp. Think very, very Camp. Think Euro-Camp. Think white jeans and crotch-thrusting.
Within seconds of the clip starting we were furrowing our brows, seconds later we were giggling uncontrollably, much to the bemusement of the Sprocket, who liked the aeroplane and was already dancing away.
Our wedding (okay our life) was somewhat ramshackle and unorganised.
It makes sense this is the track to our bridal waltz.
Still love the song.
Still brings back all the best memories.

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