Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Spider Face Envy


So for awhile now I've suffered from spider-face-envy. 
It's not something I knew existed before I succumbed. 
To be clear, I don't envy spiders their faces, (cute as they are) I envy people who can take photos of spiders' faces with all eight eyes in focus. 
I'm having some problems - mainly because I like to take photos in the half light, and that level of macro-photography requires full light and then some. 
However, I really do think I'm getting closer. 
This was a gorgeous little spider (and I believe her egg sac) along the path at Rainbow Beach. Isn't she gorgeous? Look at her sweet expression, her lovely patterning. Her slight down. 
(I may be a little obsessed)
Although as a photo the colours are washed out and not what I want, I feel I'm one step closer to my ultimate aim - the perfectly in-focus spider face, with all eight eyes clear and alert. 

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