Wednesday, May 31, 2017

so yesterday...

Baby has big eyes - and they're blue!

After three hazel eyed babies it's still a bit of a shock to see blue eyes looking up at me.  These are ancient photos - taken a whole two months ago and a world away. These were pre-solids. Pre-crawling. Pre-winter. (Or what passes for winter here in Queensland. Today is the first day of winter and it's a balmy 21celsius. My Extravaganza and I were arguing during prayers last night 'Thank you God for this beautiful weather, but a few degrees cooler-' 'Hotter! We want hotter! Much hotter!' 'Cooler. This is good. But a bit more invigorating-' 'Hotter! Hotter!' It was very un-holy.)

Anyway. These were opportunistic photos taken of my little girl at five months. In the midst of doing the washing I looked at the basket, the babe on my hip and the uncut grass and thought 'hmmm'.

Yes. To digress - again - these were not taken in a field. They were, indeed, taken in the back garden. We've mowed it since then. But it's not looking that much different.

My Wonder-Girl was over it.

As you can tell by the lack of giggles. And we were photo-bombed many times by the dog and the older girls. But here - encapsulated for all time - (or at least while computers and internet remains. Beloved and I are preparing for an apocalypse probably announced by tweet when someone in China disses Trumps hair. Water-purifying straw. Check. Parachute rope. Check. Life-time supply of hard-copy books. Hmmm. Maybe a few more -) is our little Wonder -Girl at five months.