Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Fun in the Sun

My bigger little ones (the wild, wild ones) spent the last few days up North with Beloved while I had a blissful holiday down South with the littles. I am slowly beginning to feel almost human and am most grateful to my parents for all the spoiling and my in-laws for taking on the bigger ones.

Just before the babies and I flew south, the pool was blown up and there was an afternoon of fun (while I did frantic last minute packing. I thought it would be half an hour and three hours later I was still trying to jam things in!)

I think the older ones had a great time playing in the pool Up North. And I've been all nostalgic in my childhood home and really enjoying the little ones and time with my folks.

But my big ones have flown down now, they're in the taxi, on the way. And I've missed them sooo much. (Although I admit, it took a couple of days rest to realise it!)

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