Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Berry-Picking with Cousins

Down in Melbourne, we visited my Nana and her garden full of flowers and fruits and (while I squelched my jealousy for an established garden - soon, soon *) the kids ran around and then picked the loganberries along the side fence.

 In my ignorance, I believed the berries to be raspberries, but my six year old niece disillusioned me. They are quite, quite different. Whatever the name, they were very delicious and the children loved picking them. 

It has been a long time since the cousins met up, and though it wasn't quite the reunion it will be when the two older girls meet up, it was so sweet to see how similar the pre-schoolers are in looks - both little blonde ones! The little ones thought berry-picking (and eating) was a very serious business. 

Fruit picking seems such an iconic childhood activity - heart-melt is watching the wee-ones eating straight from the vine! 

*I have planted many fruit plants - I have mangos, apples, lemons, mandarines, mulberries, strawberries as well as cinnamon, tea, coffee and vanilla plants... but none of them are yet producing. So far only my basil, tomatoes and lemongrass have been at all successful. On my list to plant are pineapples, bananas, macadamias and avocados... I have plans but it will be awhile yet till I have the lush, fecund and overgrown garden I dream (and pinterest) about. 

*Giggle Bear is rocking a cap belonging to her big sister and a dress I found at a kids and babies market. I went to my first one since I was pregnant with Adventure Boy recently and it was amazing. I found if a mum (or dad) was selling one thing I liked they were generally selling lots of things O liked and I swooped on so many very reasonably priced - under five dollars - treasures... The markets are going on my calendar for next year! 

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