Friday, January 1, 2016

Our (not so angelic) angel & kittens

She looks like butter couldn't melt in her mouth, doesn't she? All big eyes and blonde hair.
And she does have her angelic moments, when she runs towards us, arms outstretched, face lit up, after we've been out, when she gives big hugs, with comforting back pats.
But this photo was taken when she'd climbed up onto the dining room table (again) and was busy throwing all the Christmas tree baubles on the floor.
These photos are more indicative of her frame of mind. The difference a few seconds makes, hm.

Folks, I do believe we've hit the terrible twos a few months early. It's a bit of a shock, as the other two skipped them. At two both the older two were little cherubs, all the better to lull me into a false sense of smug security.
Giggle-Bear is leaving us in no doubt of her true colours - the glaring, flashing neon of danger, mischief ahead. In no time at all she will be joining her siblings in painting the living room - and kitchen - in potions of red cordial (no, I didn't buy it, do I look like a masochist to you? that was Beloved) salt, and chilli sauce.
 While I take a deep gulp and prepare for the year ahead, let me leave you with some stills from Christmas. And kittens. All is peaceful, all is joy, for a kitten resides in the house, busily purring, and curling up to sleep in various poses of cuteness.

 Henry Thoreau and Jane Austin Candles. Mmm.

playing in a wonderful cafe up in the hinterlands at Maleny - the best kiddy play area - with many toys, high chairs and complete kiddy corner.

 with Aunty Bec


Master of his own Destiny. No doubt scanning the horizon for fish. 


  1. I kinda feel like my little two were born in the terrible twos! It's crazy town all the time round here!!! Lots of laughter but man oh man, I think these two will be the death of my last remaining piece of sanity hahahahaha

  2. Crazy town is so the right description! I still find Lil pretty adorable no matter what (maybe not the teeth-sink-in or run-away-in-the-middle-of-the-supermarket, but most things. The older two? I spend a lot of time glaring at my husband going 'your genes. totally yours. I was a perfect kid. I wouldn't have dreamt of doing the stuff these two get up to just in an hour. Just in half an hour. Would. not. have. dreamt. it.' Full marks for inventiveness. But... I'm counting the hours till school goes back. (Minutes?) Thank god they're cute, right?