Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Holiday Snaps

Aren't these holidays lasting forever? They just seem to go on. And on. And on. This could be because they're my first long holidays that Beloved hasn't had a uni break.

We've been to beaches, swimming pools, forests, playgrounds, museums and legionnaire training.( It was an activity at the Abbey Museum near us, they battled with wooden swords and shields and painted other shields and swords, took their turns at archery and heavily doctored 'digs'.)

The kids have really just wanted to be locked up in a dark room playing Minecraft and watching Labrats. I have really just wanted to be locked up in a dark room (air conditioned) with quite a lot of wine.

I could also be feeling particularly negative as last night while chasing recalcitrant rapscallions (who have been grounded for the rest of their lives) I slipped on puppy pee and my legs went whoop, right up towards the sky and my skull and neck and back went thwack, right down in the pee, and the headache is still pounding.

But hey. I love looking at the holiday photos. These are from my favourite walk at Maleny. The Mary Cairncross Reserve - my holiday staple.

The Extravaganza whined the entire walk. "All I need is a nap! Why don't you give me a nap and carry me? My feet ache! All my bones ache. I'm exhausted! Why do you make me do this? How far is it? We always do what you want to do." Ad infinitum. Folks, it was a half hour walk/gentle stroll. We saw bats. And pademelon. And lizards. Giant trees. There was the possibility of snakes.

Giggle-Bear wanted nothing more than to escape the pusher (and my watchful eye) and run away, giggling madly and looking over her shoulder. Come and get me! 

Adventure Boy was brilliant. No doubt to throw the behaviour of the others into sharper relief. I love it how they take it in turns. He glowed with goodness and concern.

Anyway, twelve more days of holidays and then it's just me and the adorable one. All day long.

Until then, lots of photos, not a lot of words. 

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