Tuesday, September 8, 2015

...to the Sea

The breakfast dishes were still piled high, half the living room chairs were covered in unsorted laundry, (although let's be honest, this is a usual state of affairs) and I stepped outside for a moment to hang out yet more washing and The Extravaganza hid under her sister's cot with an ipad to avoid her screen-time ban.

She's worked out how to find all her favourite youtubes (and those of the eight year old up the street) and having my baby girl say "Whatevs" and roll her eyes does not work for me. I suggested 'Playschool' to her and she looked at me like I had something nasty on my shoe. No, like I was something nasty on her shoe.

Being locked in combat with a pre-schooler over a few scraps of plastic and metal is lowering.
"That's it. Into the car, we're off."
When in doubt, leave the scene of the crime.
We headed to the beach.

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