Saturday, November 29, 2014


Sprocket - a responsible big brother - otherwise a grubby faced and very inventive storm of destruction. Heavily bribed to stay still so I can take photos for the Christmas card.

Littlest - she learnt to pull herself up on the bars of her cot this week and stand on pudgy legs. (The same week we thankfully upgraded her from her bassinet.)

Poppet - my darling diva and wonderful helper. Her grin is so infectious.

Joining with Jodi to take a photo of my kids every most some occasional weeks when the planets align and the moon is full in 2014.

We move house (and state) in two days and the house is full of boxes and jammed with piles of clothes, toys and books for storage, to take to the UK, the op-shop or Queensland. Chaos is my dear friend but I wish he'd visit some other family for  a few days! 


  1. Oh my goodness, Littlest is looking so big! I can't believe she is pulling herself up already, clever girl! I can see the similarity in each of their faces in these photos.
    Best of luck with your move, gosh you have a busy end-of-year ahead of you!

  2. That is quite an infectious grin :) Beautiful shots! x

  3. Littlest is pulling herself up?! Oh my god!!

    Such busy exciting times ahead for you guys. Have fun xx