Monday, September 1, 2014

moments - pink cotton candy spring (and little toes)

Leaving the school yesterday, the kids running ahead in the rain, my Littlest wrapped to me, a little bundle of warm in the chill, my coat wrapped around us both, I heard another school boy tell his mum -
"Weird yeah, rain on the first day of spring and that sun yesterday on the last day of winter."


The last days of winter were completely glorious, all blue skies and pink blossoms and trips to the beach. Our blossom - no slavish follower of seasons - has been coming out beautifully over the last month and I've been delighting in the delicate scent in the air and the lovely blooms.

These first days of winter are all wet and rain and wind, but hey, here are moments from the last days of winter.

- just because. Darling little baby feet. If I didn't already have a baby they would makes me so clucky. Oh, wait. These baby days are just going far too quickly.
-beautiful unknown ornamental blossom from the side of the house.
-cherry plum blossom
-camellia. Our big bush is a riot of pink.
-and um. more little toes.
-little big eyed one.
-jonquil. Poppet wrapped the verandah in the pink cord you see in the background. It looks very festive. This was just before Poppet picked the jonquils and I had to rescue them and float them in a bowl.
-more blossom.
-Poppet studying Littlest's little fingers out in the sun.

Joining with the lovely Em for (very pink) moments from our week.

These spring shots are making me all deep-sighing and nostalgic.

This will be our last full season in Gippsland - we'll be moving up North in the first days of summer, and these last few days have seemed to be designed to pull at my heart as lush green hills, blossom and beautiful beaches have shown off.

We will be back (but it won't be the same…) 


  1. The most gorgeous photos & my very favourite shades of pink :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful photos … love them all.

  3. Stunning photos, the light is really dreamy in all of them. Yay for spring!