Sunday, May 20, 2012

Little Hands

Holding Hands can be a big thing. Little kids holding hands is a guaranteed sigh-maker. 
Recently we drove down to the big-smoke to my parents place for a belated birthday for my Papa and my little niece (and her parents!) was over as well. 
As yet* my kids only have one cousin, so it is very special when they see Little Cousin Sophia. My Sprocket rolled four summersaults in a row on the hard pavement showing off in front of her. My Poppet held her hand as they walked to the park. 
For not-quite-two-year-olds (Little Cousin Sophia is 6 weeks younger than My Poppet) holding hands requires a lot of negotiation and auspicious timing. When My Poppet was ready to hold hands Little Cousin Sophia would be looking at a leaf, when Little Cousin Sophia was ready to hold hands My Poppet would be distracted by a passing dog. However, when all the planets aligned and tiny chubby hands met and held and stayed holding as they trotted along, all of us big people sighed and awwed and demanded who had a camera.
(None of us did. Six adults and none of us had a handy smartphone or camera! You'd think we were living in the dark ages!)
And yet, I think we might remember the moment more without the photos. 

Two tiny girls holding hands in the gloaming as they toddled under the big autumn-coloured oak trees on the way to the park, giggling and occasionally squealing and with cries of 'dog' and play-ground'! as the wonder-place drew close. 

*We do have a standing order for more cousins, so we live in hope.

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