Sunday, May 13, 2012

Angels from the Realms of Glory (or Queensland!)

Angels (in the form of my Beloved's folks) flew down to our house last week and made our house, and most particularly our yard, miraculously new. 
Our garden, cleared of junk and jungle, seems three times the size and finally kid-safe. All sorts of fantabulous garden toys have been left that can demolish trees in seconds and dig holes in moments. Many of the new, special-magic-mummy-toys are ridiculously addictive and my Beloved has put in force strict limits of only-cutting-what-will-fit-in-the-green-waste-bin. Which is very hard with a little gadget that cuts through branches in a twinkling. 
It seems very wonderful that just when we were feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff the needed to be done on the house, help arrived and everything was made delightful and full of promise. 
My Beloved and I have been wandering around our garden going 'o look! I didn't know that was there!' (In a good way, not a - 'the people we brought this house from were clearly ill and/or deranged. Why did they leave 50 hospital bracelets, 4 coat-hangers and 2 kettles tied into the overgrown garden walkway?')
The kids have been running around in all the new space, peering in the now usable sheds and checking out their new found kingdoms. While at first my Sprocket wailed 'stop taking my trees away!', when he got his own special shed and discovered new trees that had been hidden, he quickly recovered from the loss. 
With all the new room unearthed and made usable all sorts of delightful plans are beginning to form - move the sandpit to there, a rock-garden here, transfer the veggie patch to there and the citrus trees to over here...rhodedendrums here... My Princess obviously needs more lilies... (her middle names are Rosa and Lily, and while we have heaps of roses we only have a few ginger lilies) I will have to start scouring through Pinterest and gardening books for ideas...  Fun, fun, fun...


  1. Great thing about lilies is that they almost all have a gorgeous perfume

  2. The "angels" came back tired and happy. They enjoyed it.