Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So much closer to 'Mrs Dr Dear'...

The day of the last exam. 
The one where my beloved the First Year Med Student has to check out eight fake patients and be scored accordingly. In preparation for this exam I have had my gastrointestinal, renal, cardiac, thyroid and a gazillion other systems checked out... oh a few hundred times. As we take our evening walk my various medical histories are taken. Depending on my fancy I am a 55 year old women with an alcohol problem or a 22 year old guy with probable giardia. Occasionally I aim for something like TB to be informed it was more like cancer. I think he's getting pretty good at it. 
And, I am pleased to inform you I am working perfectly!
Hopefully, after today we can take time off the hard slog of being students and get some important stuff done - painting and mending, de-spiderwebbing and clearing out of sheds(otherwise known as portals of doom), scouring of cupboards, toy culling, curtain hanging and drawer sorting, gutter emptying and garden-bed making. 
You know, fun bonding stuff. 
My beloved is soooo excited by the though of all of this - and the day by day lists I have been making for the last two months of all the stuff I would really appreciate (note: that means demand) being done before next years studies begin. 
I am truly excited. Yay! Let the holidays begin!

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