Thursday, November 24, 2011

Birthday Buzz

My Sprocket turns three very soon and for the first time he 'gets' birthdays. 

As in - he gets that in a very short amount of time he will get cakes and presents and people will sing songs for him. He doesn't quite  get that the whole shin-dig is to celebrate him being born three years ago,(we're still working on our Christmas explanatiosn as well...) but he understands that Good-Things-Will-Come to him and this will be his special day. 

For some time now we have been discussing his birthday and he has been singing "Happy-to-you-to-Ghee" whenever there has been another persons birthday and we have had to say 'not yet there's still a few months/weeks to go'. 

But now we are into days. 

And we are onto cake negotiations. 

We began with requests for a dinosaur and progressed to a 'Buzz Ship'. 

There was an attempt to negotiate to a grasshopper that was quickly squashed (have you seen the angles on those legs!)Every night now he asks about his 'Buzz Ship'. 

As in Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story fame's rocket. And I am pleased to tell him that his Great Aunty Cathy - who made all of his mummy's bestest cakes (the one with the doll, the one with the pool of jelly) is onto it.

It makes a difference when kids know what's going to happen. When there is anticipation. 


Building excitement. 

Of course... where there are expectations there can also be disappointments. (Cue lip gnawing...) But... it's so exciting! My baby boy turns three soon! 

(Bring on the rockets!)

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